Nov 5th 2015- Press Release: GSA Equine Health: Investors and owners

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GSA Equine Health Press release November 5th 2015

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Become part of the Greenscene Agritek (GSA) Global Revolution Solution of Waste Build Up Manure & Equine Horse Bedding – See more at:

Read the Press Release Here    

GSA is a green agriculture technology that solves the environmental crisis of waste build up by providing a sustainable recycled bedding to the worldwide horse industry.

Become part of the Greenscene Agritek (GSA) Global Revolution Solution of Waste Build Up Manure & Equine Horse Bedding


Greenscene Agritek. (GSA) Endorsed by Ambassadors, Universities, and Accredited labs, we are bring in a new Era of Horse bedding to the market with a new, innovative solution to the growing problem not seen since the Great manure Crisis of 1894.

GSA has taken a vast undesirable waste stream and through years of research successfully recycled it, reclaimed the wood shavings, and can now resell it back into the local community; stopping the cycle of build up. What is most exciting is we can do this over and over again with a bedding that becomes better than the original with numerous health benefits for horses and humans at a truly competitive price.

There are 10 million horses in North America. The equine community spends $4.5 Billion on hauling used bedding from stalls and buying new bedding. GSA Facilities and GSA bedding will directly benefit from this revenue stream. There are 59 Million in the world and where a horse is stabled inside creates 1 ton of used bedding per month. That creates millions of tons of used wood fibre bedding being inadequately disposed of globally.

We can reduce this environmental waste caused by used bedding by over 30% in each region a Plant is built. Thus creating a social sustainable, profitable, business model for the worldwide agricultural equine industry. We are producing bedding in Vancouver BC already for the local market and ready to build GSA-series Plants across the USA.

Therefore today, GSA is offering potential investors and operators an opportunity to join the revolution by becoming invested in the future plants across North America. With increasing interest from states like Florida & California and the provinces of B.C. , Alberta and Ontario, GSA has planned for 17 plants across North America over the next five years. This five-year projection is based on the high population of horses and humans in 40 geographical regions where opportunities are arising from diminished disposal options for traditional horse bedding options.

The GSA-2000 commercial plant is particularly well suited for the preferred initial market of racetracks and equestrian show centers that have the largest concentration of well-managed horses, solving the used bedding crisis.

“We are starting a revolution,” says Cross. “We are addressing the global crisis ahead of us one region at a time, starting in Vancouver, Canada and then heading to Wellington, Florida to build our flagship US location. We have located 40 regions with a high populous of horses and humans with a big problem we want to address and solve.”

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The GSA team continues to market their technology in a strategic manner and has letters of intent for sales and agent agreements across North America to meet this industry demand for a viable and cost effective option.

The commercial GSA-2000 Bedding Facility uses a proprietary process that takes used stall bedding through a refined steam sterilization and separation process, eradicating the vast majority of pathogens and mold spores through computer controlled parameters. The recycled bedding is separated prior to packaging while the remaining sorted organic fines (manure, wood and organic dust) will be used to power the plants or sold as a soil amendment or wood pellet additive depending on local market conditions. The recycled bedding is cleaner than the original with greater health benefits than other horse bedding alternatives.

Join us in our mission, because you can, to use a better bedding in a cleaner world!

Endorsed by Ambassadors, Universities, and Accredited labs, we are bring in a new Era of Horse bedding to the market.

Enquires can be sent to or call 1.877.816.4577 x 107 and at

About GreenScene Agritek (GSA)

GSA is a green agriculture technology corporation that is dedicated to helping solve the global waste bedding crisis that is causing numerous environmental health concerns and providing a recycled premium bedding at competitive prices to the worldwide equine industry.

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