January 11th 2016 – Horse Manure. To fertilize or not to fertilize that is the question? White Paper

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To fertilize or not to fertilize, horse manure ~ that is the question? White Paper

Contaminant leachingAll Manures are not equal – Used horse bedding is not a good Fertilizer

When we were searching for WHY the EPA and even our local GVRD and other authorities were so against manure being spread on fields, put it in landfill or other disposal methods ~ We knew “Lignum” was not good for the soil (thats the fibrous cells in wood) but what could we reference this against? This paper is from multiple sources and their take on using horse manures as a fertilizer, and as GreenScene what is our conclusion.

We need to change the capture-all word manure for waste management of all animals. Horse manure is mostly wood fibre with organics that have little nutrient value – where dairy and poultry are so different in resource value and contaminant value. This white paper deal with the value of Horse Manure as a fertilizer…


If you can heat, aerate or mix used horse stall bedding – and then blend that horse manure with specific PH balancing nutrients – a top soil can be effectively made. GSA is joining top level nutrient experts to see how best take the unusable horse manure that comes our way and create a topsoil. This way  we do not turn our haulers away when the incoming manure is not up to our required standard for recycling.