Refined Golden Bedding - Recycled by GSA. Solving the waste build up of Used horse bedding globally.

Feb 12 2016 – Wellington Florida Investigation to manure – states Private sector may have the solution

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A good video went out on the investigation into waste build up of manure from barns; the improper waste management of farms, including Bill Gates – and the illegal dumping that goes on. In general it is not that all haulers are bad haulers, but because there is no-where to put massive amounts of this undesirable waste stream – used horse bedding. The build up in regions where there is a high populous of horses and humans for entertainment and sport can be daunting and GreenScene has the solution.

CBS12 Investigate used bedding build up

It is a great article / video talking also about the fines and the trouble manure can have in West Palm beach, Wellington Florida and it is not just there – it is all across the Globe if we dont clear up the waste. GSA wants to solve this environmental crisis by building GSA-series Plants wherever there is high populous of humans and horse co-existing.

One error in the interview – Wellington has TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND tons of waste per year not TWENTY thousand – but anyway you “spread it” – its a lot of waste that we GSA can clear up. We have contacted Chuck to do a follow up article on GSA S.Florida showcasing our solution.

The Village mentioned a private sector option which is awesome, as they have know of us and what GreenScene Agritek can do to resolve this environmental crisis. We have been working to a final push to get the appropriate land, which has delayed us over a  year – then we can finish the financing, and build a show case GSA-Plant in the USA.

Join the revolution in Agricultural  technology, one region at a time because you can, to use a better bedding in a cleaner world.

We will Keep you posted as we move forward.

Paul Cross / Chief Operating Officer

GreenScene Agritek Corporation


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“Pioneering green agricultural technology for the equine industry” (GSA) provides a patented and proprietary Health Science solution to solve the global equine waste-bedding crisis while producing a competitively priced premium recycled wood fibre bedding branded “Refined Golden” Bedding (A high absorbent bedding intentionally treated) that is cleaner and safer than the original! Talk to us about co-ownership Plant locations. 

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