Are You Ready for a GreenScene Plant?

A GreenScene Bedding Recycling Plant is well suited for any operation that involves managing large volumes of animal bedding, and the subsequent waste that it produces.

The GreenScene Bedding Recycling Plant uses a proprietary patented process that takes used bedding through a heat treatment and waste separation process. Lab testing has consistently shown that this process brings pathogens and mold spore counts to lower levels than the original fresh bedding.

Prior to packaging, all the fine waste dust (manure, wood and other organics) is removed from the finished bedding. This is then used as fuel to power the plants own heat requirements. In other words, the finished product is heat treated by burning its own waste!

Each GreenScene Bedding Plant is sized to suit the volume requirements of the end user. Our complete bedding and waste management system creates a Closed Loop, which results in zero bio-waste. The need to procure fresh bedding is greatly reduced, and transport and waste disposal costs are also minimized.

Best of all, GreenScene Premium Recycled Bedding is more absorbent than the original fresh bedding, with noticeably less dust. Also, thanks to the addition of a proprietary blend of organic essential oils, our bedding provides many health benefits to your animals. Oh, and did we mention it smells great too?

Care for the planet and animals, save resources and align with us on the GreenScene transformation